Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is 5-Hour Energy Bad?

The answer is: it depends. Caffeine is the number one drug in the world; its cheap, easily available, comes in many tasty forms, and provides an income for many businesses. With that being said, saying 5 Hour Energy is bad would require stating that caffeine is bad. Many people do not understand that caffeine is the only thing in all of these products that make them go and give you that buzz, or surge of motivation. A more educated way of looking at this would be to ask whether or not 200 mg of caffeine is too much (approximate amount in a 5 Hour Energy). Realize that when you drink a coffee, energy drink, or pre-workout that you are usually consuming around 200 mg of caffeine. So to say 5 Hour Energy is bad would be a somewhat ignorant statement. Most people who say this read it some where or have heard the horror stories of some body who drank seven 5 Hour Energy shots in a day, or had a pre existing heart condition. Just because it has been abused does not make it a bad product. Yes, if you have had a couple of cups of coffee, pop, and then went for a 5 Hour Energy shot I would probably hit your hand away. I believe taking a 5 Hour Energy, as long as there was little to no other caffeine consumption that day, is perfectly fine and I do it frequently for the convenience and B-vitamins. However, I am a 180 pound, 24 year old male, so others who are more sensitive to caffeine or have other conditions may find a 5 Hour Enery (or 200mg of caffeine) to be too much. In this case, don't bash the product -- buy something else!