Sunday, April 28, 2013

Exercise perspective

Why is it that humans exercise? Why is it good for us? Where does it fit into our lives? I commonly refer to life being a NASCAR race and exercise being the pit stop. If you try to go go go and never spend any time on your health it would be similar to a NASCAR driver refusing to take pit stops thinking he has no time. I understand the pressures of life, work, relationships, and all other obligations pile up and become overwhelming but it is essential you maintain the vessel (your body) that you have been given to do these things in! I make exercise and my personal fitness a priority so that I do not do poorly in the more important endevours such as my career and even to keep my wife attracted to me! It does not take much time to exercise, you don't need hours a day every day of the week. Make the time and you won't regret it, your life will be enhanced and with that will come success. On the other side of the pendulum there are those who spend all of there time working out. Whether you are an athlete or some body who just loves working out remember to keep it in perspective. Workout to excel in the more important areas, to finish the "race". This would be similar to a NASCAR driver spending all of his time in the pit stop and not participating in the race! Be happy be healthy, keep it balanced.